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1/ URLs, Bookmarks and Links to this Site

URLs for pages on this site will not change, (although some pages may be deleted if they become obsolete) and no pages will be moved although the contents of some pages may change in the course of updating and the way pages are linked may also change. Bookmarks to individual pages should therefore almost always be valid (if they're not it's probably because the page has become obsolete). Image files (.gif & .jpg) may however be moved.
If you link to this site, please also include a link to the main index (at

2/ email

Email addresses sent using the feedback form or by using this site owner's email address directly will not be passed to third parties nor used for sending unsolicited email.

3/ Copyright

The contents of this site are the work of Lawrence Mayes and he asserts that he is the owner and copyright holder of all original material on this site ('material' includes but is not necessarily restricted to text, HTML code, software listings, circuit diagrams, all other diagrams and all other pictures and illustrations).
Where copyright material (owned by a third party) has been included on this site, either permission from the copyright owner has been obtained or it is believed that the material has been included on a 'fair use' basis. If you feel that material on this site, for which you own the copyright, has been used improperly then please let this site's owner know using the feedback form.

4/ Disclaimer

Circuits, ideas and information presented on the pages of this site are provided for information only and no warranty is implied that they are suitable for any particular purpose. Whilst the information has been checked and is believed to be accurate the user should use their judgement in deciding whether it is suitable for their intended application.
No responsibility is accepted or implied for the contents or availability of sites, pages of other sites or files on other sites that can be found by following links on this site and for which the owner of this site has no control. Additionally, no product or service is recommended or endorsed by the site owner notwithstanding that information about products or services may be downloaded as an incidental result of visiting this site.

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