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  This web site aims to promote and display cool great looking Guitars.

The guitars featured are generally produced by small manufacturers, custom shops or individual master luthiers. Having said that, I will include good guitars from the majors if I think they deserve it. Unfortunately most majors think more about squeezing maximum profit from each guitar than enhancing the quality and sound of the guitars they produce. Occasionally one or two escape and I'll endeavour to include them here.

All guitars included look great and the site is really all about displaying pictures and promoting great looking / sounding instruments. Some of the guitars included are my own and I'll include my comments on each. If I have any info or contacts I'll also include them.

All the guitars featured are my own personal choice, as are my opinions, I don't work in the industry or have any ties to manufacturers, I don't sell or get bribes to feature a make. (Although I'll be happy to take the money if anyone wants to offer).

David Thomas McNaught.Thumbnail MacNault Tempest Blue Diamaond Quilt.JPEG. 3Kb.

Major manufacturers.Guitar frets up close Thumbnail. JPEG. 2Kb.


You may not see your favourite's here, but if you have any comments or know of any great guitars, e-mail me. I may not be able to reply, it depends on the volume I receive, but if it's about a good looking guitar, remember, a picture, as far as this site is concerned, is worth a million words.

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If you have comments or suggestions or pictures of great guitars,

e-mail me

(If you are attaching a photo please indicate this in the subject line.)