[Stands Unique Sound Tower]High Fidelity

Hi-fi. Mmmm hi-fi.

Well you asked, so here it is from top to bottom (of the Stands Unique Sound Tower 10 with isolation platform).

Michell Syncro turntable with Rega Syncro tone arm and Goldring 1012gx cartridge
[Michell turntable]

Sony cassette deck (in for repairs again)
[Sony deck]

Arcam Alpha 5+ CD player
[Arcam CD]

Denon TU-260L tuner
[Denon tuner]

Cyrus I integrated amplifier
[Cyrus amp]

Celestion DL8 loudspeakers
[Celestion speakers]

And its all slung together with Cabletalk interconnects (for the most part) and QED Qudos Silver speaker cable.

You may have noticed that almost all of the above components are British (exceptions are the Japanese Sony and Denon). It seems that hi-fi is one of the few things we Brits still excel at. I'm told that in Japan hi-fi is touted as having a 'British sound' for a selling point.

Talking of such things, I thought I'd crow bar in a book which was a best seller over here. "High Fidelity", by Nick Hornby. If you're a woman you'll get glimpse of the masculine view of affairs of the heart. And as a man I saw frightening reflection of myself: the rules of a mix tape, the knickers revelation, and the neuroses, arrogance, self consciousness that we all feel on occasion. Oh, and there's loads of music in there. You can buy it if you like - I thoroughly recommend it.