Hi, pleased to meet you. Thanks for dropping by.
I hate introductions, don't you? That awkward dead air, stiffening of shoulders, hoping that you might have something in common to talk about.

Well perhaps it's just me; but as you're here I might as well be business like and explain what you're in for:

A bundle of thoughts, ideas and recollections; some mine, others belonging to those I know and/or admire. All of this presented through the vain assumption that there are people out there who might be entertained by what I've got going on 'upstairs'.

This is about real life (mostly) and uses real life language. Not gratuitously. It's just there and I thought you should know.

Right. Enough about this, now for the real thing...



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Major music update.

Links - the antepenultimate band list.

Surprise - another music binge.

A story of French garlic.

Another recipe! This time requested by Bownie.